Our first step is the Introduction Meeting. Designing a new home or renovation is an important decision, so it’s imperative you feel confident that your designer can create a home that captures the essence of you and your family. Our first step is usually a consultation with our team. It’s our chance to meet each other and learn more about your project before you decide to move forward.


Before we begin designing, our team obtains a detailed understanding of:

    • Your Needs + Wish List
    • Your Property
    • The Zoning Bylaws

Your Needs + Wish List

This is the most important part of the pre-design process: getting to know you. A custom home or renovation needs to be inspired by the people who will experience it every day. We try to get a strong understanding of your functional needs and design style. We encourage using Houzz.com or Pinterest to discover inspiration images that will help us visualise your dreams.

At this point, we schedule a meeting in person to further understand who you are as homeowners and as people. Great custom home design is about creating a home that truly reflects the people inside: their lifestyle, their hobbies, their passions. Our goal is to design a place you enjoy coming home to.

Your Property

Our design philosophy is based on meeting our clients needs while letting the property influence the design. An always visit the site where your future home or renovation will be. We carefully evaluate the property, including the views, orientation, topography,greenery, and neighbouring buildings. For renovation projects, we take detailed measurements and photographs in order to create “as-built” drawings of the existing home. For large rural properties, a drone can be used to fully evaluate the property. We also order a topographic survey: a boundary survey that examines property elevation, location of trees, servicing information (water/sewer connections), etc. This will be required during the permit process, but we order it early on as it is an important design tool.

Municipal Zoning Bylaws

Every property is governed by a unique set of rules called zoning bylaws. These rules include required distance from property lines, square footage maximums, height restrictions, and so on. Additional rules could apply if your property is within a regulated conservation area or heritage district. We research the municipal rules that apply to your property and create a detailed zoning review prior to starting the design.


We factor in everything from the pre-design phase to create the initial design concept: a presentation of the home's functional and custom design elements. The initial design concept includes:

    • Front Elevation: 3D Rendering + Sketch Drawing
    • Ground + Second Floor Plans
    • Graphic Site Plan

Client feedback is incorporated into the next rendition of the design. We continue through as many rounds of feedback and revisions necessary for you to be 100% satisfied with your design.


Technical drawings, or blueprints, are the detailed drawings and construction documents needed to interact with the governing bodies and acquire a building permit. At this stage we also coordinate all required engineering, such as structural, mechanical, and electrical.


Our experienced team is proficient at acquiring all necessary approvals and permits on our client's behalf.

These include, but are not limited to:

    • Acquisition of building permit
    • Acquisition of site plan approval or site alteration approval
    • Acquisition of conservation authority approval
    • Acquisition of urban forestry approval
    • Heritage Impact Statements for designated cultural landscapes
    • Coordination and representation at Committee of Adjustment


Our role in construction is to support you and your Contractor or Builder. A pre­construction meeting between our technical team and the builder ensures open lines of communication throughout the construction process. We also have team members dedicated to addressing any on­site questions and concerns from you or your builder during construction.