Residential – Commercial & Industrial Design. Need a Building Permit?

Planning to do an Addition? Rear Addition or Second Floor Addition?

If you are planning to do an Addition, whether is a rear addition or a second floor addition, residential or commercial, you must have a copy of the property survey in order to get drawings done. The survey is a legal document, where it shows the property lines, right of ways & easements (very important), locations of yours and adjacent houses, etc.

Visit your city’s website for frequently asked questions regarding building permits such as:

  • When is a building permit for residential construction is required?
  • When is a building permit generally not required?
  • How long does the permit process take?
  • How much will it cost?

If you plan to do a renovation, find below our process of our projects from start to finish.

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buildingpermit-1Looking to add an addition to the house but not quite sure if it’s possible on your property? Or maybe you are looking to construct a deck. During the initial meeting, we will review zoning and planning criteria that may affect the design. Any questions you have this is where we will find that out for you and see if your design is possible within your local zoning by-laws. We will discuss our thoughts and design ideas along with yours. Once both parties agree on the term and fee outlines the project process will commence.
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Site Survey

buildingpermit-2If you do not have a site survey, we will be able to measure your property information required for permit. This process is usually done with the site measure itself. We will draft a preliminary site plan and provide you with basic design restrictions.
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Site Measure

buildingpermit-3We will get a representative from Perspective Views to come to your project site and measure the existing building. Please keep in mind that larger buildings will require more time and precision respectively.
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Concept Drawings

buildingpermit-4Concept drawings will be produced with all the design information gathered from the initial consultation and site measure. These drawings will be drafted in imperial and we will try to accommodate all designs to fit within all zoning regulations that apply. This is a lengthy process and may require multiple meetings to keep the design the way you want it. You may decide whether to meet at our office or your house– whatever is more convenient for you.
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Construction Drawings

buildingpermit-5Once all design aspects are finalized with the client, we will take care of the drawings and convert them into “construction drawings”. During this process we will gather all other documents that are specifically required with your project and meet with our engineers to make the design come to life.
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Permit Drawings

buildingpermit-6If the permit application is deemed to be a complete submission, review times are legislated based on the type of application and dependent on the municipality the project is in. Perspective Views will try to keep you updated with the permit application process. You will receive one copy of the construction drawings from Perspective Views for your records.
[/su_tab] [/su_tabs] If you don’t have a survey, you can try to do a search at the Land Survey Records website.